Speed Queens: SS Rex


Not to be left out of the Atlantic speed competition, the newly formed Italia Flotta Riunite (Italian Line) began construction of a ship that would set out to break the record. Her name was REX.

     Rex did indeed win the Blue Riband in 1933. She held it until 1935. During her  maiden voyage, Rex got as far as Gibraltar when she developed mechanical difficulties. She was stopped for three days. As a result, she was required to try for the Blue Riband on the next westbound crossing.

    In tandem with the gorgeous Conte di Savoia, Rex took on the transatlantic route in an express service.

The interior of Rex was decorated in classic Italian style. Her grand staircase lived up to the name.

     The second world war began and Rex was laid up in Genoato keep the ship safe. She was then towed to Trieste. On September 8, 1944, she was attacked in Capodistria Bay, south of Trieste by 12 RAF Bristol Beaufighter aircraft. Rex was attacked. After the bombing, she caught fire and capsized.

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